CASL was established on July 1, 2013

Are you ready?

Many things are changing rapidly. But are you noticing those changes?

Even you are noticing those changes, but are you adjusting to those changes?

Even you are adjusting to those changes now, but are you preparing for the future changes?

Noticing and adjusting to the current changes and then preparing for the future changes is the secret to enjoy our life.

Destiny & Life

Even you wanted be Lion, you were born as a human by your destiny. You can't change your destiny by your will. You have to accept your destiny. Otherwise you will lose your mind.


You can realize your dream that makes you spend happy life by your will. If you can't realize your dream, the reason might be lack of your effort. If you can't realize your dream even by your maximum efforts, you would better to give up your dream as your destiny.


By believing that You cant change your destiny, but you can change your life”, lets enjoy our life.


Let's adjust to the change of necessity

Recently, we don't see the people who use public phone in the city. It's very rare to see the people who use telephone in the office too. Because of advancement of Internet, the way of life and work have been dramatically changed but I think it is serious problem that the way of education has not been changed.


Because of the globalization, the opportunities to use English have been increasing, but there are many people who cannot speak English even after 10 years English education in Japan through junior high school, high school and university. Even information is flooding in the Internet but the way of education just to remember the information has been continuing in the entrance examination system in Japan.


Recently, I have heard that many companies request the effect (how it improve companys business) of employee training to the employee training company. I suppose that employee training has become obsolete similar to the school education.


Necessary English skill has been changed from just reading to hearing, speaking and writing. As far as information, necessary skill has been changed from remembering given information to selecting and utilizing among enormous information.


Necessity has been changing dramatically. In order to improve your skill, it is key that you will execute and experience by the necessity not just learns on the desk without necessity. That is the reason why I say, "The necessity is the mother of improvement".


The courage to decide

People often have to decide something. However, people cannot decide easily in many cases. I think that it is because people are afraid that the decisions made are wrong.


But something you do not decide may be a bigger problem. Even if you consider for long time, making a perfect decision is difficult. In order to solve this problem, you can decide early, execute it, and change it if it is wrong.


There is the HO-REN-SO (reporting, contacting, consultation) as common sense of working adults, but there is a risk that no one can decide. It is important to have the courage to decide by yourself while appropriately utilizing or not utilizing the HO-REN-SO.


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Tacit Knowledge

It became very easy to share the Explicit Knowledge worldwide because of the rapid expansion of digitization and networking but Japanese people or companies are in the difficult situation because they are not good at using global standard language i.e. English.


But some of manufacturing industry companies (such as automobile and materials industry) and service industry are still competitive. I think these companies business consist of a lot of Tacit Knowledge and their competitors cannot easily copy their values.


In order to energize Japan, it is important to become good at using English but at the same time it is also important to increase and utilize Tacit Knowledge, which is Japanese strength.


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