CASL was established on July 1, 2013

Let's enjoy our life

Are you enjoying your life? I am enjoying my life now. I hope to enjoy my life with my family and friends this year. Let 's enjoy our life together.



According to dictionary, challenge is to begin the war or competition and/or to begin difficult or new things.


You need to have courage in order to challenge the war or competition, which you might be defeated, and also in order to challenge the difficult and new things, which you might fail.


Even you have courage; sometime anxiety might be stronger than courage. In that case, I am always telling me "Don't worry, nothing to lose".

Talent and effort

There is the idea that effort is more important than talent but there is also another idea that talent is more important than effort.


I think it is not issue of talent vs. effort and I believe that it is important to make effort that could utilize talent.

Are you ready?

Many things are changing rapidly. But are you noticing those changes?

Even you are noticing those changes, but are you adjusting to those changes?

Even you are adjusting to those changes now, but are you preparing for the future changes?

Noticing and adjusting to the current changes and then preparing for the future changes is the secret to enjoy our life.

Destiny & Life

Even you wanted be Lion, you were born as a human by your destiny. You can't change your destiny by your will. You have to accept your destiny. Otherwise you will lose your mind.


You can realize your dream that makes you spend happy life by your will. If you can't realize your dream, the reason might be lack of your effort. If you can't realize your dream even by your maximum efforts, you would better to give up your dream as your destiny.


By believing that You cant change your destiny, but you can change your life”, lets enjoy our life.