Name: CASL:         Challenge And Smile Laboratories

Business:               Global Business & Human Resource Development

Established:          July 1, 2013


Founder & CEO:    Tetsuro Mikami


2013.7 – Founder & CEO, CASL: Challenge And Smile Laboratories.                        

~ 2013 Vice President & Executive Officer, Hitachi Cable, Ltd.(Now Hitachi Metal, Ltd.)

  •Promoted global business for its carrier Ethernet switch, so called  APRESIA.

~ 2007 CEO, NTT Singapore & Regional CEO of NTT Asia Pacific.

  •Tripled its revenue and reorganized whole operations to be profitable & sustainable.

~ 2004 Vice President, Global Business Division, NTT Communications

  •Launched  MPLS based Global  IP VPN, so called Arcstar Global IP VPN, VoIP based wholesale business, so called NTT Clearinghouse and VoIP base conference service, so called Clear Conference.

  •Lead global  enterprise network engineering  group to provide global one stop shopping.

  •Served as a Board Member of US CLEC, Telligent  Inc.

~ 1999 General Manager, Long Distance Division, NTT

  •Lead multi vendor  enterprise network integration business by creating multi vendor integration laboratory so called OSL: Open Systems Laboratory to evaluate new technologies such as FR/ATM and IP.

  •Developed  MOM: Manager of Manager so called Champion One which provide multi vendor network management by using object oriented software development technology. Champion One has similar concept with current SDN controller.

  •Created carrier Ethernet and Data Center business concept AAN: All Area Network similar to Cloud Computing. AAN support thin client which is similar to current tablet terminal.

  •Launched NTT’s first global private network GINS: Global Information Network Service which became the origin of commercial global network service, so called Arcstar Global Network.

~ 1991 Director, Business Development, NTT America

  •Launched NTT’s first global Data Center in NY.

  •Evaluate new technologies such as TDM/FR, network management system, video conference  system, etc.

~ 1988 Manager, Europe & North America, Global Business Division, NTT

  •Involved  in carrier strategic alliance project which became to Global One and Concert.

~ 1986 Manager, Multi-media Terminal Equipment Development  group, NTT

  •Developed multi-media terminal for ISDN service.

~ 1984 Assistant Manager, Computer Technology group, NTT  Data Communication Division (NTT DATA)

  •Involved in NTT’ s mainframe computer, so called DIPS and mini  computer so called mini DIPS.

  •Involved in CAD/CAM architecture.

~ 1982 Researcher of Software Engineering in NTT’s Yokosuka Laboratory

~ 1980 Computer Engineer and participated X.25base Online System National Project for the Government in NTT Data Communication Division.

~ 1978 Trainee for one year

1977. 4 ~ Entered NTT: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone


Mr. Mikami received bachelor and master degree of Electrical Engineering from Yokohama National University. He is serving as a Chairman of the Alumni Association of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of YNU.