Let’s escape from the prison of outdated “common sense and rule”.

When the speed of environment change is slow, it is efficient to utilize common sense and rules (or laws). But when the speed of environment change is very rapid, it is not efficient to utilize those common sense and rules. 


Because of the rapid ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and the global economy evolutions, there have been occurring innovations such as "sharing economy" that will transform from “owning” to “sharing” in various areas.


For examples, the current laws of lodging and taxi were created that didn't consider what is happening to share the houses and cars. In order to accelerate the sharing business for houses and cars, it might be needed to renew the current related laws.


In this situation, in order to survive or to make a success, the companies and people should create innovations to adjust to the change of environment.


One of the methods to create the innovation is to find the common sense or rules, which do not fit to the change of the society. And then you could create the innovations by renewing those outdated common sense and rules. Let’s escape from the prison of outdated common sense and rules!!