The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy (such as Uber and Airbnb) that utilizes the low utilization assets such as cars and/or houses by using Internet applications is rapidly expanding worldwide.


Those Sharing Economy businesses are competing or complementing with traditional businesses such as Taxi or Hotel and it is necessary to review the existing regulations.


The effectiveness of the Sharing Economy is proven in the information technology industry by sharing (or virtualizing) networks and/or servers.


Common points to these above are to increase the utilization of low utilization assets by sharing (or virtualizing) and it is considered preferable from the viewpoint of environmental protection.


From now on, I think we should promote sharing human resources as a valuable asset, in addition to sharing physical assets of the above. Rather than locked in excellent human resources in one organization, it is important to let them challenge in various organizations. This will be beneficial for the organization and society as a whole not only for those people.