President! Do your best.

Japanese president of Japanese companies have more opportunities for presentation at the seminar overseas. However, most of them are reading oral document that was made by someone without self-confidence and it will make the audience disappointed.


In the global business, leadership of the president is strongly required, but such a presentation will decrease the evaluation of the companies. Even though the company employees are working very hard to increase company's brand, those company presidents are significantly damaging the brand of the company. Obviously those presidents lowered the value of the company, but no company employees could complain it to them.


The presentation has very important roles as a communication tool for not only audience at the seminar, but also for company's employees, customers, partners and shareholders, therefore president presentation ability will be increasingly important in the future.


Presentation is not just explanation of the company and/or products, but it is no exaggeration to say that management strategy itself of the company. President! Please make a convincing presentation with your own words and confidence. If you cannot do this, please replace your position with others who could do this.