Hope and reality

When I would ask, "Do you want to be healthy?” I think most people would answer, "Yes".  However, there are many people who would unfortunately harm their health.


When I would ask, "Do you oppose the war? I think most people would answer "Yes".  However, we could not eliminate the war, unfortunately 


There are many other such examples. Even if people would have various hopes, reality will become the opposite, unfortunately. This is hope and reality.


Why? People do not become sick because they want to be sick, and the war is not caused because people want the war. It is a good to have various hopes, but it is also important to investigate the causes that inhibit the realization of hopes and take actions to realize hopes at the same time.


The difficult part is that the cause of inhibiting the realization of hope in often is another hope. After all, reality might be the result to seek another hope.