Evidence is better than debate

Now, many large companies have been forced to business transformation. However, doing the business transformation from many years of successful experience is extremely difficult.


In order to execute business transformation, the strength of large companies is the fact that are in place all the management resources of the human, financial and other resources, is that you do not need to raise management resources as venture companies.


But weakness of large companies is that it is difficult to convert the corporate culture. Resistance to new projects and internal politics is the biggest barrier.


You cannot make a perfect decision, even if repeated discussions on the desk because of unpredictable future. Rather than lengthy discussions of the plan, you should decide the direction, and launch a small risk project and do the trial and error.


Than how great plan, it is worth a small success or failure. This is exactly what "Evidence is better than debate."  Just Do It.  If you do it then you can learn a lot, and you can succeed if you change when you fail.