An old man’s indiscretions?

Recently, I took the English exam, TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). I have been felt some guilty such as driving without a license, because I have no score of TOEIC while I have been working for the global business for a long time.


I also had a feeling that it was too late to take TOEIC because of my age, 63 years old. But in order to work for my lifetime, I think I need TOEIC score, and then I finally challenged it. As the result, the score was over 900 points and I felt some comfort. Indeed, it is Challenge And Smile.


There is also a thought that it is good enough if we have abilities and even without the qualifications and test results. But the qualifications and test results must be the reference when we work in a variety of environments. It is just the "paper tiger" if we don't have good abilities even if we have good qualifications and test results.


We should keep in mind that the qualifications and test results are only necessary conditions and are not sufficient condition. I think it is important to continue to make our efforts to increase our abilities.