It was common that the teacher who had information educates the students, when there were no rapid changes in the society and also there were limited access to the information.


Nowadays, the globalization creates a lot of changes in the society and the Internet makes it easy to access to the information. Therefore, it is now more important to select than to access the information.


For example, if you could connect the Internet, you could learn by yourself by accessing to the MOOC: Massive Open Online Course that provides high quality lectures. Will the Internet replace all existing education systems?


I think traditional education system that the teacher teaches the students will be changed to co-leaning which both the teacher and the student or among the students will jointly learn and grow.


For example, even if there is a lot of Hydrogen, Hydrogen is Hydrogen but if Oxygen will be added then there will be chemical reaction and there creates Water (H2O). Same as in the human society, I think co-learning which will create new things by the chemical reaction (or human reaction) is important.