The first three minutes

In the business meeting, the value of the person is determined by the first three minutes. It may be a bit exaggerated, but if you give a strong impression like punching an opponent heart in one shot by the first three minutes, you will be able to proceed with the subsequent business well.


The first impression in the presentation is extremely important. If you can get good first impression, then you can proceed with the entire presentation well. You can also leave the strong memory even after the presentation is over.


I've done a lot of presentations and meetings in my business life, and many people said that slide was good or that meeting was not forgotten. Since the impression remains long, it is important to give a good impression. In my experience, the evaluation by the first impression was not unlikely changed later.


There are words that "love at first sight" and I guess that the private relationship between the men and women might also be determined by the first three minutes. But please be careful not to disappoint after the marriage.