Cognitive bias

Cognitive bias came revealed by the development of psychology. In order to expand the performance of companies, cognitive bias has been widely utilized in presentations and in marketing and sales.


Cognitive bias has the risk of being exploited. Cognitive bias itself is not good or evil, but there will be good or evil by the purpose of use. Sometimes the boundary of good or evil is not clear.


For example, it is allowed to sell at discount by intentionally raising the list price  (i.e. anchoring effect), but if you sell as the last product even if there is stock (i.e. the principle of scarcity) that fool the customers.

Where is the boundary of decent sales and fraud? Because of fraudulent marketing and sales, there is a risk that superior technologies and products will be lost. You cannot be careless even you have superior technology.


"Makeup" means "to fool the people" in Japanese. Growth of the huge cosmetics market means that human somehow wishes to be fooled. I would like to spend a pleasant life by discerning the boundaries of good lie and the crime.