All face-to-face interview

To empower an organization less than several hundred members, it is very efficient to interview all of the members face-to-face. For example, let each of them write down 3 problems and 3 solutions in a piece of paper in advance. And interview them about 30 minutes each, then you will be able to realize the real problems and solutions that the company could deal with.


Normally, hierarchical organization is efficient during the daily operation. But in order to find the real problems and solutions of the organization, it is risky to just believe in what the middle managers reports you.


Through out the face-to-face interviews to all the members, you will be able to create a communication channel and continue to communicate with them even after the interview. And it is also a best opportunity to be able to discuss and share the new direction or new paradigm shift with all the member of the organization as well.


With the “Top Down”(paradigm shift) and the “All face-to-face Interview”(bottom up) approach, we could activate hidden power of all the members and empower the organization. Let’s leap flog with this approach.