Religion vs. Science    

In the primitive days, natural phenomenons such as lightning, storm, earthquake and etc., were thought to be part of god’s doings. But eventually, those natural phenomenons are explained by science. And moreover, with the help of the advanced medicine and science, we are able to live longer and made us capable of going to the space.


However, why is there still a diffusion of the religion? And why is the existence of God is so influential? I have never studied a religion seriously, even though they are thought to give us the mental stability, I still do not understand why they fight or kill each other by the religion.     


Even if the science develop and advance the technology, we might not be able know the every truth or get an answer to everything. But if you challenge and try to know the truth, I believe that we can make a big difference without evading by the religion or god.  


I think that coming up with a solution is based on understanding the truth. And of course, I don't believe that science can solve everything so in that case, instead of believing “God”, I think it is important to choose to “Abandon”.


Not that I am saying that the science is better than religion. The science is not almighty either, I would rather not believe neither of them recklessly. And I think that we should have the courage to admit that our lives or natural causes as it is in their nature, they are not definite.