I use “Notice, Inspire and Realize” these three words in order to describe the “Spiral Up Method” but those words are not perfect enough to express everything I think.


For example, “Discover” and “Recognize” are words similar to what I want to tell by using the word “Notice”. “Invent” or “Innovate” contains a similar nuance to the word “Inspire”. And there are words like “Accomplish” or “Success” to represent what I think by using the word “Realize”. 


Instead of using “Notice, Inspire and Realize”,  I could choose to use “Discover, Invent and Success”, but in order to express something that is common in an every day life, these words sounds little bit stiff to me. So for that reason, I select the first group of words.


First of all, it is wrong to believe that “words” can express everything perfectly. We should think, “words” only can express “part” of what we think.


Therefore, not just lining up several words, using the story is much more efficient to express the whole things of what you think. And further more by communicating interactively, we will be able to express more accurately what we think.


And in a case that people has different experiences and backgrounds, it is more difficult to let them understand just using “words”. For example, in Japan and among Japanese people, when you hear


“Furuike-ya, Kawazu Tobikomu, Mizu-no-oto”(Haiku by Matsuo Basho)

“The ancient pond, a frog leaps in, the sound of the water”(Translated by Donald Keen)


We can sense the poetry or Haiku from the words and be able to imagine the scenery referring to our own environment and experience. And that facilitate to capture the meaning and then understand.


But for those who live in the desert it is impossible to be able to imagine without knowing the existence of an old pond in a very woody dark forest.


So when working on a global business ground, you really need to be creative to be able to communicate with a person who comes from a different background.


And I think one of the serious problems that field workers face is that they cannot communicate with the corporate executives who do not have any field experiences.