It is a wonderful thing that you notice about something that nobody had noticed and come up with an inspiration that nobody had came up with.


However, if you end up with just noticing or coming up with an inspiration, it is same as not doing anything. The most difficult and important thing is that you truly “Realize” those things that you noticed and inspired.


To “Realize” is not just about executing an inspiration but to reach a result. Between the execution and realization, there is a great big difference.


Because, even though you put a lot of effort on the execution, if you don't reach a result, you will always come up with many excuses. And there will be no new findings during the process to “Realize”.


We humans are so cleaver to make many excuses. But instead of making an excuse, what I think is important is that even the smallest results should matter and being able to explain how you achieved that result worth much more and also beneficial to the others as well.


I believe that with an infinite repetition of “Notice, Inspire and Realize” the organization and people can truly grow in a “Spiral Up”.