Have you ever experience a moment that you can’t come up with any good idea while you sit by the desk facing a blank paper holding a pencil?


I don't know the reason why this is efficient for me because I am not a specialist on neuroscience neither on psychology, but from my experience I tend to come up with a better idea while I am asleep. So I intentionally set up a task before I sleep, and by the time I wake up I come up with a solution.


It seems to me that my brain is working while I am asleep too. The more I am relaxed than that does while I am awake, the brain might be functioning better in a different way.


There is an old saying in China described as “Mikami/San-xiau”.  “Mi” as “three” and “kami” as meaning “top, above”. It is said that there are three location or situation that make you inspire or make you come up with a good idea. That is when you are on top of a horse (riding), when you are on top of a mattress (sleeping) and when you are on top the toilet (…perhaps peacefully discharging the waste?!). The thing is that despite the fact that Chinese and Japanese are pronounced differently, when this saying is written with the Chinese character, it’s exactly the same as how it is written my last name “Mikami/San-xiau - Three UP”.


And therefore, from this pure “Mikami/San-xiau” coincidence I feel destine to be inspired and come up with more good ideas.