Live a Long Life

Long time ago when I was working in the United States, some Americans came to the office early in the morning and they concentrate on work without taking lunch. And then they went home early in the afternoon to coach children’s football and baseball team in the neighborhood. They also were a kind of people who enjoyed yacht, golf or tennis with the neighbors or with their family.


At that time I strongly felt the difference between those Americans and the Japanese businessmen who would only work in the office and leave all the home issue to their wives. Even with medical advancement, it is still impossible to double the human lifetime. However, if you try to work and enjoy a private life for one day i.e. live two days for one day, it possible to double your lifetime. I thought that Americans were more rational, practical and has much more lust for life.


I was also asked by American friend that why Japanese people try to act the same way and at the same time with all the rest. In order to live efficiently and to enhance our life, we need to stop wasting time and save time for the better cause. So far such as traffic congestion, the long queue at lunch hour and traffic jam on the holiday are all time we waste. We also need to stop consuming time on perfunctory behind the negotiation scene and stop losing time on meetings that comes out with no conclusions.