Paradigm Shift

It is very valuable and efficient to use the “Nishiki no Mihata”Imperial Flag of Brocadein order to change or empower the organization. The organization that stops growing is the organization with the people of the old culture or way of thinking, and it is very difficult to make a revolution and big leap. If you want to change the old way of thinking, you should use the “Nishiki no Mihata” i.e. “Paradigm Shift”.


To present the “Paradigm Shift” for the people is the most important role of the leader. The “Paradigm Shift” needs to be shared with all the people of the organization and should overcome the problems of the organization. And that need to be clear and different from the old way of thinking and should be very convincing to the people.


In my experience, when the global network business was saturated, I created “Paradigm Shift” with qualitative goal, i.e. “Customer Shift”(from Japanese customers to non Japanese customers), “Service Shift” (from legacy services to new services), and “Operation Shift (from Japanese staff to local staff).  And I also set up quantitative goal, which is to increase the revenue 3 times up in 3 year and we were always claiming those goals and we finally accomplished it.